Want to earn an extra £500 a month?

We provide quality publishers with the opportunity of working with some of the best search advertising feeds within the industry. Our aim is to guarantee you a lucrative additional revenue stream to your website.

Site monetisation is a very easy thing to promise but is harder to actually deliver. We keep it simple by paying a fixed fee for positioning a search advertising feed on your website. This means that we take all the risk and you benefit from a regular monthly income that could be up to £500 per month.


15 years online publishing experience

Incremental Revenue

Do you want your website to generate more revenue for you than it is producing right now?

Multiple Options

Generate multiple streams of revenue for your site with fixed fee contracts for search box placement.

Built with Love

All of our products are crafted with care and we strive to make the users experience the best as possible.


How much Technical knowledge do I need?

The simple answer is none! The team here at Alpia will be on hand at every step to ensure that the installation will be smooth and painless.

How long will it take to set up?

From our experience the application and set up will take 7-21 days before going live.

What are the setup costs?

None. We provide all support and will ensure that the search box or banners are maintained 24/7within your site.

What are the running costs?

None, our system runs much like an advert within your site and you choose how long it runs for.

Who applies for my search feed?

We will approach all relevant search engine and/or affiliates on your behalf.

What will it look like?

There are numerous designs that can be tailored to the look and feel of your site. Final approvals on all designs rest with you.

How will I be paid?

Upon the search box/banner ad going live you will receive your first payment. You will then be paid each month in advance for the search box / banner appearing on your website.

Should you require any further clarification have any questions please use the contact us section on this site.


Contact Us

Please tell us about your website that you want to monetize and we will let you know what we can do to help you.

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